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Nutrition & Training

We feed all of our dogs/puppies the highest quality dog food we have found that supports their daily nutritional requirements recommended by our Vet: 

Diamond Naturals – Puppy Lamb and rice (Pink Bag)

Diamond Naturals – Large Breed Adult Lamb and Rice  (Red bag)



You will receive a container of food to take home with you when you pick up your pup. So their first week of transition into your home your puppies digestive system wont be upset due to unfamiliar food.


If you or your veterinarian prefers a different product, you can use the food given as a way to transition your pup gradually from the food they’ve been getting to the brand you are switching to. To do this just mix 1/2 and 1/2 of the previous food and the new food to easily transition your pup to their new food. 

Treats/Bones/Toys/ETC. that we recommend

Foods to Avoid

We have found it best for our dogs and pups to avoid dry foods and treats that contain a significant amount of: wheat, soy, corn, chicken meal or chicken by-products.


We have found that the limited ingredient products, while more expensive, DO indeed support better overall health and immune system functioning in our dogs.

Puppy Teething: 
In your "Puppy take home kit" you will receive some teething bones and toys that have worked for teething in puppies and will help you and your family when your new pup comes home.  Listed above under treats. 

A puppy book will also be in your "Puppy take home kit" with all of the information you will need when taking your puppy home. We always recommend puppy obedience classes for you and your puppy. This not only lets you bond with your new puppy when training but teaches you and your puppy new things and techniques.

Puppy bell for potty training





BAXTER & Bella

So you are about to be a puppy parent, maybe for the first time or maybe you are adding to your crew. Either way we are so excited for you and just want to make sure you are getting set up to be the very best puppy parent you can be.

So how can you do that.... being a responsible dog owner is ensuring you provide them with a plan to train your own canine companion to be calm, well-mannered and best behaved doggie you could ever want. 

A trained dog is less stressful not only in the beginning but for life. Proper socialization and manners will give you the dog you are envisioning. But you have to do the work and stay committed. They deserve it! 

So start them the day they come home and do it from the comfort of your own house. 

Online training is one thing but an entire lifetime membership is a whole new adventure for you and your pup. So please get started today, before you pick up your new fur baby and make your plan to set you both up for success. 

Visit and use coupon code
WHOODLES for 25%.

That means for $178 you can feel confident that you are giving your pup and your family the relationship you desire for a lifetime of fun, excitement and happiness!

I am so excited to share this with my puppy families!

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